Hello and welcome to Photos by M Kaynard & C L Bledsoe.  This site is full of photos compiled from downtown Charleston, Middleton Place, Magnolia Plantation Garden/Audubon Swamp Garden. Hampton Park, and Magnolia Cemetery among others. 

Since August 2013, my wife, C L Bledsoe has been showing her photos on our site

ABOUT ME                                                                                      

Graduated  from Ohio University in 1973

Moved to Charleston May 1973

Digital color photography since 2010

I met my wife, Cynthia, C L Bledsoe, in 1998 and we married in 1999.  She has been quite an inspiration to me and a wonderful life partner.  We travel all over together taking photos and enjoying the beauty of each moment together.

BIO:  C. L. Bledsoe (Cynthia)

Deputy Director of the Charleston County Public Library system

She is a long-time dabbler in crafts and a casual photographer, but has developed her skills as a digital photographer. "I am drawn by the interplay of angle, light and texture." An emerging artist, she in active in many online photography groups and is frequently recognized for her work.  Her latest adventure was 17 days in Italy.

Graduate of University of Tennessee, Masters Library Science

Arrived in Charleston area 1991. 







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